Project Phoenix 2018

Project Phoenix was a huge project spanning most of the year 2018, unfortunately it was birthed from unfortunate events. The NPO Arts organisation I make and perform for Global Grooves had a devastating fire at a storage space based in a Mill, nothing was saved in the mills blaze and thousands of pounds of puppet stock was destroyed. The work we created for creating carnival illuminated was included. Pretty devastating stuff. The management team at Global Grooves did amazingly well to secure funding and from that have now gone on to secure capital funding and NPO status. The phoenix rising from the ashes more powerful stronger and more beautiful than before – here’s some work created with a huge team of artists – Tony mason , Iola weir. I was lucky enough to be apart of the project and helped produce some incredible new puppet pieces.

eKantaben – roller bird puppet for Global Grooves – designed and frame made by Tony Mason – Wings designed by Emily wood/Ton Mason

Above is a Puppet I’ve performed as many times, I absolutely love this puppet it moves amazingly and is an absolute credit to Puppet maker Tony mason. I was honoured to have the job of Covering the Frame and adding details – Soldering spiral details to the frame and wrapping the wire and choosing and adding the patchwork fabric. A combination of hand-dyed silks and sourced indian fabrics – as this bird is a native bird of India and was made to perform at a summer indian Mela event and has been to several Diwali events since. The Birds name Kantaben comes from the CEO of Global grooves Leon, a tribute to his Indian Grandma, really beautiful creature and project and very happy to have been apart of it.

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